Have you learned anything from 2015?

I've learned a lot from 2015 such as..
- Don't date someone out of guilt
- Don't date a compulsive liar
- Don't sleep with someone for several months because they're 'rebound sex'
- Let people know if I'm feeling depressed so I don't have to fight it alone
- Don't have a one night stand with someone who I like; don't have one night stands full stop because I feel disgusted in myself
- Don't let that one love tear my world apart (Alice Cooper takes full credit for teaching me this)
- When I'm not ready for a relationship don't push myself or let other people push me into a relationship
- There are other ways of dealing with depression other than self harming (been clean for 8-9 months)
- Don't let depression make me fail Univerisity (I've sadly got to retake my first year)
- Its okay to be on anti-depressants, its better than wanting to constantly end your life.

There are a lot more but they are just the key important ones I've learned, its strange because in 2014 I didn't get taught anything like this.
So I'm curious to what other people have learned within 2015? :)


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  • I've learned a lot of things. Don't let guys manipulate you or use you. Too bad I most likely won't learn from my mistakes. :(

    • Both of my exes in 2015 tried to manipulate me and I was like 'nope'. You soon will learn to not allow it :P

    • Yeah, I just had a guy try to manipulate me and it started to work, but I ended it. But I still feel crushed and think about texting him again. :/ I'm staying strong though, lol.

  • -Do what you want. Life is meaningless, live it without regrets, take risk, and fail but never give up.
    -forgive but never forget.