At what age do guys lose their hair is there a safe age when it won't happen?

I have long soft curly copper reddish hair. Not sure how but only one in my family that's light skin and reddish hair (no ass hats mom didn't cheat I'm a paternal twin bro looks like my dad). My mom says my dad started getting thin hair but forgot what age (he died like 5 years ago). I'm about to be 28 and still have a full set of hair and so does my brother. Does hair loss happen by a certain age (some people on my dads side lost their hair not my moms).
I just don't want to have that weird semi circle hair with a bold spot in the middle.


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  • It depends on your family history. There are no hard and fast rules to predict hair loss.

    My maternal grandfather, for instance, is 76 with a full head of hair (that only started going grey a few years ago. Chinese people age all at once).

    My paternal grandfather had totally white hair at the same age, and was mostly bald at the time of his death. My dad is 56 and his hairline is raising but he is by no means balding (yet) though his brothers are.


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  • Hair loss is from the mothers side of the family...

    My brother is going bald but my dad has a full head of hair :)


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