If I want a great guy do I need to "shapen up" a bit?

if i want a great guy do i need to "shapen up" a bit?

I mean i think im cute, im not super attractive or anything, but without really making an effort i think i look good.

But dating wise things doesn't go too well.. and i know todays standars are really high and i also know guys are visable. So i considered starting wearing a lot of makeup, using extentions of some sort, diet so i become skinny and dress to impress basically..

Guys say they prefer the naturel look, but i see women that use tons of makeup, hvae fake hair etc get approached a lot and have boyfriends etc.

Yeah, i know other things plays a role too, like personality, the way he girl holds herself etc... but i dont know the naturel look works anymore.. i dont think i need makeup, but maybe im the only one..

So should "fix" my looks or what?


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  • You need to put some make up on. Eyeliner, lipstick and foundation. Yes, you should shapen up so you can open your options. The more attractive you look the more guys you can attract.

    • i dont need anything... just sayin.. and how much in shape is good? im already fit, but curvy.. but i get the impression that guys only want skinny girls... And i dont want to attract as many guys as possible.. i just want to attract the great guys.. i dont want fuck boys you know...

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    • fit ass in defined features as in a small, thight butt, defined legs, slim waist.. and i can't tell you how much body mass i have because i haven't meausred and i dont really care... the fact that my waist size wise is an xs.. and my lower body a small, and my boobs, arms etc is a M.. i know im not big.. im average

    • accoring to the pic im about 25%.. its really hard to tell though sicne we dont have the same body type

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  • My advice don't change to be one of the sheep. Women with too much fake everything tend to be approached for sex. There's nothing wrong with doing natural looking make up to enhance your already pretty face. Find a style that suits you and you're comfortable with. I find I'm quite dark skinned with really large eyes so when I wear liquid eye liner over eyeshadow I look like a goth or a guy trying to look like a girl. When I wear it under a nice golden bronze colour it highlights my eyes because it enhances my eyelashes and not the size. I wear quite natural shades daily and I think I look ok. Don't go excessive dieting But it's no harm to eat sensibly and exercise a bit. It really is all about confidence and being assertive. Some girls look like hard work and high maintenance some are happy with their natural beauty. Find your own ground before you look like everyone else. As for extensions and fake eyelashes nails etc and huge brows just go with your own natural way and enhance what you feel lacking. If you want long hair let it grow out but have fun with the style you have. Short nails with a nice shade or a few different shades look a lot nicer than talons :) Google some ideas on natural beauty and you'll find the best for you

    • i should... but im just too lazy and i have problems getting up in time in the mornings.. so lets say i do find a rountine and a style im sure i won't have time to compele it.. And i already have dark features.. thick/full black eyebrows and black eyelashes, so even when i use makeup there isn't taht big of a difference anyway... I want to grow my hair, but i have curly hair that uses ages to grow.. im thinking i'll get a long hair in 2-3 years.. minimum But thanks for the advice anyway :) even i know nothing is going to change if i dont make any changes

    • Then a nice lip gloss a touch of eye shadow and you're good to go. To be fair I only put on make up when I need to. My guy sees me in my huge fluffy nightgown and slippers more than he sees me dolled up and he adores me :) just be you and don't change if you don't want to. If you wanna find the nicer guys get involved in things that you enjoy hiking, drama, art classes for fun, reading clubs or tennis to name a few. Lot of genuine ways to find people with interests like yours. Best wishes :)

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  • I guess you are fine the way you are. Guys' standards are usually not even half as high as girls' standards anyway, so it's just a matter of time before you get that 'great' guy! :)

  • I haven't seen your pics, but my guess is: dont work too hard on something so superficial. Have a regular to good body and you're good to go for most guys. Of course a great body helps, but its not a requirement and you dont want attention from the idiots who consider it a requirement. Be as natural as possible.


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  • That natural look is just a myth. Mostly because guys don't know how make up looks. It should be applied so that it enhances your features and if it's really applied skillfully guys won't notice it's there. That all natural look works for 13 year olds and today's hippies...

    • what is the "naturel look" in your opinion? when i think naturel look i mean people that are, you know, natural. so i dont udnerstand how that can be a myth.. and what is a "today's hippies"? lol

    • Natural look in my opinion is someone who barely uses any makeup or other products to alter their appearance.
      And by today's hippies I mean those people who always use 100% natural products and refrain from consuming anything that's being produced in industrial scales. That's why they smokes weed cuz it grows 100% in nature...

  • A picture would help

    • well... you're one person and you're female.. so even if i did post a pic and you found me ugly it wouldn't help at all.. it would only do damage if anything