Nightmare about protecting my son?

Last night I had vivid nightmares. Normally I don't remember dreams or nightmares but this one stood out and scared the shit out of me. My son is 4 years old and I have always feared bad things happening to him. Here is my nightmare:
My son ran onto a train and I chased after him. After making it on the train the doors closed behind us and I had no idea where we were going. We were surrounded by people who were glaring at us like we didn't belong. While on the train no one would tell us where we were going and when they would, I couldn't understand them. It switched to us in front of a car. There was a man on one side with a gun and on the other side (he was referred to as a shadow in my dream) was holding a knife and they were both coming at us. Then it switched back to the train. We were in a bedroom on the train and a man and a woman were coming after us. I somehow managed to grab hold of one of their guns and start shooting but the bullets didn't kill them. These "people" started getting holes all over their bodies and started foaming at the mouth. Growling at us and went on a full sprint to the bedroom. I slammed the door and tried holding it shut but they broke the hinges. My friend showed up in my dream and went after these people with a razor blade and the only thing she could get to was the mans forehead. Then it switched again and we were forced to jump out of the front of the train but for some reason, the train did not hit us even though we jumped in front of it. This is when I woke up.
I am a firm believer that all dreams have meaning. Can someone please shed some light on this for me?


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  • My son is 17 months old, and at first I thought maybe your dream was about trying to protect your son through his young life (his journey, keeping him on track, etc.). But the violence level, and the sudden shifts in the narrative, seem to indicate that this was more just a general dream about anxiety regarding your ability to protect him. That kind of anxiety, fear and uncertainty, in my experience, tend to produce dreams which are more a loose expression than a logical story with any specific meaning.

    The fact in and of itself that you're concerned speaks well of you as a mom, so just know that, and don't worry. You and your son are both going to do great. Good luck. :)

    • I've always feared my abilities to protect my baby. Even more so now because I work an hour a way, 10 hour shifts 4 days a week so I feel like I am rarely ever home and if anything happens.. Well.. I don't know. My anxiety about it is truly peeked.
      I woke up to my baby sister lying lifeless in my mothers arms when I was 13 and I figured that was probably the root to the anxiety and stress.

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    • I have been with my boyfriend for 5 years and he helps out drastically and makes sure that I stay somewhat sane lol if it wasn't for him I would have lost my mind by now.

    • Well it's good you've got somebody in your corner! :) Very cool.

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