Are good morning texts a good sign?

When people are talking are good morning texts a good sign they are interested? I have been talking with this guy for awhile. He initiated everything with the flirting and morning texts. I went and visited him and it was like i was his girlfriend. He treated me great. i went home and we still talkedd me initiating more so. The for the past few days he's been talking to me a lot again and sent me pics and good morning texts. What could all that mean? he's also been cheated on in past realtionship and hurrt in another so he doesn't trust so easily if at all. Could he be starting to trusst me too.


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  • It sounds like it. Maybe you should send him a "good morning" message :-)

    • Yeah I may do that tomorrow. He didn't send one this morning only yesterday which is fine by me. Does that mean they are thinking of you if they send you messages and talk to you a lot?

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    • Its tricky. The story basically is that he initiated flirting with me back in the summer. Like texting me everyday and fb. He sent me flowers and said things like lets get the relationship started etc. I went to visit with a freind who moved in with him. He was amazing treated me like his girlfriend. Dinners out cuddles, kisses holding hands and going out with his freinds etc. It was amazing. When i was going home i asked about us but he said he wasn't ready for anything. I heard he was cheated on and he told me he doesn't trust people easily so it would take time with the trust part. I get it but i wanted something. I kept taking with him everyday seeing how day went etc. There were times it was good talking through day and then times we hardly talked and times where he intitated. We also get sexual andf time from time he says babe to me and asks if im coming back anytime soon. Not sure what it all is.

    • He lives in another state than i do, but i am thinking of moving down there for a fresh start, which he knows. Possibly that makes things better? Who knows. Well we still talk everyday and times through the whole day which is nice, like we did last night. My freind told me he had used or maybe still using tinder for random hookups which mean nothing. I dont like it but can't change that unless im with him. Anyway sorry it being so long. I really like him and to me it seems as if he does as well, but im not a guy and i can't tell. He talks different than he did when he initiated flirting i guess because it was the flirting stage but we still talk about stuff and get sexual lol. sorry again for it being so long

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  • I don't like them when someone sends them like.. Everyday.

    • *Occasionally, they're okay.

    • We don't do it everyday. He used to when he first initiated flirting with me, but he just sent one yesterday morning and not today. I don't mind if it was everyday. I guess it means they are thinking of you?

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