Can I be a citizen of the us?

my mom started filing for me at age 17 and now the process has reached the point for im awaiting my visa date. but i turned 18 a few months ago. my question is, since the filing age usually freezes, will i get us citizenship because my mother is american? or the filing age is not used, but the current age is? please someone who knows can u tell me?


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  • Was your Mother born here? Were you born here?
    If your mother was not born here, went through the process of becoming an American citizen & you weren't born here you too must go through the process. If you were born here & have a birth certificate from an American hospital you are an American citizen.
    That's how a lot of people have dual citizenship. Mother/Father born in the US or Mother/Father born elsewhere.
    As far as I know 18 (if you were born here) is when you can sponsor a parent sibling to become a US citizen.

    Either way you're safe. I'm sure a citizenship is the better choice but a green card works well to.

    • ok thanks for ur opinion

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  • I think it's for any child under 21 and not 18.

    • i read online and it keep saying 18. its 18. but im saying since she started filing when im 17, will they use that age to determine if i get citizenship or just a greencard