Women what are 3 things you truly LOVE about the male gender?

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1. Can't say height related things
2. Can't say strength related things (His muscles, how he makes you feel protected or things related to strength)
3. Must not be your son, boyfriend, husband, brother or father.
Women what are 3 things you truly LOVE about the male gender?


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  • 1. I think guys on average are funnier than most girls. They just seem to have a better sense of humor.

    2. I think guys are nicer people, they just do a lot for you. They'll open doors, help you reach things, offer assistance if they think you're struggling, if you're in danger they'll try to protect you. I know girls do too, but I feel like it's more natural for a guy. It's like they're constantly sticking their neck out for other people but it goes unnoticed.

    3. Emotions. I feel like when a man is in love it's one of the most beautiful things to witness. Like their emotions are stronger and run deeper. But not even love alone, sadness, anger, happiness, and whatever else. It's like a thunder storm and meteor shower happening all at once. I know that might sound stupid to some people, but I feel like guys are the most beautiful creatures to ever walk this earth.

    **Bonus, they're oh so handsome. Anything that's manly is just wonderful. Like his voice, a strong jaw, facial hair, body hair, the way he smells, his walk, his smile, his Adam's apple xD. Anything distinctly male.


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  • - Sense of humor
    - Ability to problem solve and stay calm
    - The smirk/smile

  • 1. Their sense of humor
    2. They smell amazing
    3. They have a dick


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