Why do you think my mom won't let me claim my black side?

I know that you dont know us, but she won't give me a clear reason why. I am a biracial black female. (White mom, black dad). I was on Facebook and I was arguing with this boy and he called my friend a n** so I called him a honky. Then, my momma commented and told me not say that. And I said well he can't be insulting us black folks like that. Then, she said "ok but you're white too." I deleted that comment though. When she came home she made me sit down at the table and talk about it. She said it wasn't right for me to claim black and not white. I tried to explain to her that I love being black. Other Black ladies have accepted me more than anyone else. They give me hair tips, they include me in race discussions and stuff. I understand that im mixed but I dont feel white AT ALL. I dont even look white I have tanned skin, dark brown eyes, and my hair is curly like natural black girls. I hardly even talk to my white cousins and stuff but I talk to my black ones all the time. My dad argued with her there's nothing wrong with me being a black girl. On my tests and stuff, I mark African-American. She makes me tell people im biracial but I say black when she isn't around. I sometimes wish my mom was black but still the same soul and stuff because I will miss her. Lol.


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  • Well, that's funny, I don't see that she is not letting you claim your black side. It looks to me like she is hurt because you are rejecting your white side. She probably feels this is a personal rejection of her, but you don't think of it that way. It's one thing to identify as black, it's another to ignore where you came from, don't you think?

    If you identified as white and rejected your father's requests to consider the other part of your heritage, he would feel the same don't you think?


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