What do you think about those names?

(While you're at it, can you tell me what you imagine when you see those names too, if you want to? Like, how do you picture someone with those names?)

I was playing this historical choose-your-own-adventure vampire game and my character met a really handsome and nice Confederacy soldier. His name was Silas Hope. How awesome is that? I just LOVE the name Silas. No matter how you say it, SIE-ləs, See-luhs, it sounds amazing.

James - Such a classy name. Timeless. Many great people are named James. James Cameron. James Potter. Other people.
Sirius - Yep, that's a guilty pleasure one. I really, really, really want to give this name to my (or someone else's) kid someday as James Sirius. I love Sirius Black. Such an awesome guy. It's also the name of a really bright star.
Alan - from Alan Turing. Gay man. Great scientist. Bad hair.
Masal - Mah-sahl. Turkish name. Female. Means tale.
Sterling - I know it's the name of a currency, but it's used. James Alan Sterling. How does that sound?
Maria/Mariah - Common name. But if I choose this, it'll only be Maria or Mariah, not Maria Rose, Maria Grace or something like that.
Celeste - Could be a sister to Silas. And the other sister would be Hope. Silas-Celeste-Hope.
I also like Polina, Augusta and Agatha.


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  • I've always liked Isabelle or Isabella


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  • I don't really think of a specific person for those names but that's what I associate them with:
    James: an old snobby English man
    Sirius: sirius black in hp
    Alan: guy in two and a half men
    Masal: sounds arabic
    Sterling: sterling silver
    Mariah: mariah carry
    Celeste: reminds me of the nickname of the national Argentinan football team "Albicelestes"


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  • I don't like any of the ones you mentioned.

  • Masal is not a common name in Turkey, Öykü is more common, and it also means tale.


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  • I didn't like James potter

    • Potter is not included, it's just James