I look like crap today for no reason?

I look like crap today for no reason? my eyes are puffy and dark circles and my skin looks really dull and stuff. I do get allergies a lot but i didn't really have any today my eyes were stingy and stuff earlier but not for long. I don't know what is causing this


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  • maybe your body is fighting getting sick. that happens to me too. i get really tired and my body looks really tired and sick even tho i feel fine.

    • or could my body be fighting off the allergies?

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  • I don't know, for some strange reason today I look really good, I'm more 'creeped out' by that :D

  • I have those days too. Just go to sleep.

    • im tryna find out the reason behind it though

    • There is no reason. Most likely it's all in your head anyway.
      The dark circles could be lack of sleep.

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