What do you think of lawyers?

I think that people made them.


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  • They are intelligent, very ambitious and usually dishonest. However most of them are as charming as hell.

    • Do you think most of them are dishonest really?

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    • Some jobs are unethical. Stripping and drug dealing also count as jobs.

    • But we are not talking about stripping and drug dealing, you went a bit over board I guess, I asked you about lawyers.

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  • Depends on the type of law they practice it's a broad field.

  • Mostly confident and therefore very attractive even though should be avoided like the plague cause you'll never win an argument with them ;)

    • I would be more concerned about the money that they charge you.

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    • You are funny! If you don't like it in Malta just leave lol you don't have to be a lawyer. Funny though ;)

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