Why does it mean if an average student has a high standardized exam?

There is this an average low B and C student in my class who doesn't care too much about school and wants to already be done. He hates the subjects. Sometimes he even falls asleep in the class.
Suddenly on math (which I doubt he even study too much) or standardized exams, his scores are slightly higher than me (an A student) and others.

Now that I recalled, it was once revealed his IQ was actually 130 (12 points higher than mine).

This is a student several teachers have questioned why he doesn't apply himself like that in school. All those exams show he's smart but on his report card it all mainly B's and C's.


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  • He's an underachiever who is naturally good at math. I was like that when I was younger. I got D grades in all my classes, had under 50% attendance, hated school and did anything to get excluded. When I hit 15 something switched and I just started acing everything, especially maths. a lot of people underachieve cause they cba

    • It's sad he doesn't apply his full capacity. He seems to always be bored in classes. But even one of his friend told me once that if he had use all his brain, he would even skip a grade.

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    • I'm 17. His GPA is like 2.7 (definitely no where near his standardized and IQ scores) but he doesn't seem to care.

    • It's really just the way some people are, I'm very similar and I know my dad is too, I probably got it from him. He's probably just pretty sideways and goes with the wind. Nothing wrong with it, afterall there's much more to life than a 4.0 GPA.

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  • It means he studied for it on his own.

    I had a similar classmate.

    • It's sad that he doesn't use everything he has. According to one of his friends, if he has use all his capacity, he would be getting straight A's, excellent essays and probably even skip a grade.

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  • Just because one doesn't do class work and such doesn't necessarily mean that person isn't intelligent. There's a lot of those kind of guys/girls in High School who are smart but don't want to use it.

    • Interesting. This is what one of his friends told me about him. I was told that if he were to use all his capacity, he would maybe even skipped a grade (if he wanted to) but he doesn't feel like it. In his friend's own words ''he just doesn't care''.

  • Standardized test and grades = intelligence


  • he's a good test taker. also, iq doesn't mean you're smart or good at school. it's also subject dependent as well. you can be mathematically illiterate and still get a high iq score.

    • Apparently it seems that he's lazy at school and every day, he sounds bored. It's sad he doesn't use what he has.

    • i didn't. i was an a/b student and never studied, did my homework for the sake of doing it and rarely payed attention in class. why do you care what he does?

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