How do I let go?

I feel I could completely reinvent myself if I could let go of all the verbal abuse I went through in school and at home. I still think about it. I never have had a girlfriend and truth be told a girl would never understand everything I have been through


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  • Well, the first thing is to forgive those who hurt u. I know its easily said than done but ur forgiving them for yourself, so u can move on & have peace. By u forgiving them ur releasing that hold they have over u. This won't be easy but it's something u will have to do eveyday. Also, know that hurting people, hurt people. Those people have a reason why they are the way they are, and it's Not ur fault. It's terrible what they put u through but don't let them have that control over u & keep u from reinventing yourself. :)

    • What if people are already gone

    • What do u mean by them being gone? like u don't talk to them anymore or they moved away.

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