If he can't handle a long distance relationship, does that mean he doesn't truly love me?

We were dating for almost a year. We still talk and he calls me "boo" but I know that he been talking to/messing around with other girls since we broke up. I moved away for school and my program will last about 1-2 years. He says it's just too hard for us to get back together but I know he has strong feelings for me.

I forgot to mention.. we're in separate towns but we're only about 2 hours apart


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  • Yes. When you are in real love, you can handle the distance and separation.


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  • He loves you but, he have needs that need to be taken care of. Some people don't have the self control or understanding to make things work while you are in school. It's best for him to move on since he is getting weak from his needs not being met because he will end up cheating or hurting you if he start to talk to a woman and the connect.
    Y'all both are still young and y'all might reunite once you are done with college. You just never know.


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