Is 21 years old so young for being a stepmother?

If he's 35 and have two kids and still he wants to have a baby with me. If it's too young tell me why please.

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Most Helpful Guy

  • Kierra? I hope that is not you.

    • Who?

    • Never mind then. I had a friend your age dating an older guy with kids. She broke up with the guy a week or so ago and I was about to be pissed if she posted this.

Most Helpful Girl

  • Twenty-one is way too young to be a stepmother. At the age of 21, you are still in your baby years of adulthood. The early 20's is a time for perpetual soul vacations. This is the time where you disregard the framework your parents created for your life and establish your own as an adult in this world. No one ever tells you this. Your early 20's are a very delicate yet powerful time in your life so it's crucial that you take the right steps and choose the paths that are going to be best for your mind, body, soul, and spirit 10 years from then.

    Not only that, but I believe that it's best to wait to tackle motherhood past the age of 25. I guarantee that at least 95% of mothers who have children or embrace motherhood before the age of 25 will look back and express how they wish they would have waited or taken their time. Motherhood is not all rainbows and butterflies. Motherhood is sacrifice, stress, compromise, selflessness to the most extremes, skill whether developed or underdeveloped, patience, wisdom, structure, the ability to be a firm disciplinarian and more. In all honesty, you may be dealing with brats (we were all there at one point) who don't even appreciate 1/4 of your effort as a mother until they are teenagers or adults and even then they may still lack appreciation. This is a major deal therefore it's not something that should just be approached without your absolute best mental and spiritual cultivation. If this thirty-five year old man truly loves you, then he will honor and respect your need to efficiently explore what's left of your youth and establish your identity as a woman who is not a mother just yet. I think it's slightly selfish for him to essentially rob you of what's left of your youth because he wants what he wants now. Not cool.

    • I agree with her and what she said^^^^
      You are very young still and need to enjoy where your life is heading. Not to have it stopped in its tracks by some man who magically appeared from nowhere.

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  • no they will hate u and make u hate ur life


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  • This is my opinion. But being 21 and a steph-mother is very young.

    Early 20 are known to be the age where you make mistakes, be immature, enjoy your youth.. That's the age where you actually have an excuse to be stupid and naive.

    I don't say it's bad. But being a steph-mother so young makes you force to grow up early. You might not regret it now, but you can regret it later..

    Having steph kids is also very hard. There will be arguments, they can even come to hate you in the worst case scenerio. It can be quite a shocked how hard it really is for you.

  • Extremely young and you're better off finding someone your own age or ad least without kids.

  • If you're young enough to be their sister that's a problem.

  • I think you are too young but I can't say that because it is ur choice but even now I am not ready to have a family but if u want to of course it's ur choice

  • It's okay.

  • If you think you are ready to be a stepmother, I don't see the problem :)

    Do you have the guts to be a mother and become pregnant at your age?

    Is there anything else you want to do in your life? The more kids, the less freedom you have.

  • It's young but not "too young" as long as you're aware of the responsibility :)