Girls, Writing a screenplay about a man and woman swapping places and need ideas?

My idea is a man gets caught cheating on his wife. And she put the curse on him so he swapped places with his mistress. I'm looking for ideas of some of the ways a man would struggle if he was in a woman's shoes. What do you think would be some of the hardest ways a man would have to adjust to being a woman?

For sure a comedy! We don't have much of a budget but I think we will have fun producing it!


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  • Are you thinking of making an emotional drama or a comedy? If it's the former, he'd struggle with the loneliness the mistress has when he is with his wife, and the jealousy his mistress felt towards the wife. That is, if emotions get swapped too. If he is conscious of who he actually is, but feels what she usually feels.
    If it's the latter, go with high heels. Men on high heels always do the trick.

    • That's great! :) I also had the idea to have him come out of a bathroom and accidentally took his shirt into his pantyhose I don't know if that's realistic or not but I thought that might be funny?

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  • comedy wise= periods, putting on makeup (it takes skill not to poke yourself in the eye or not putting on too much eyeliner), waxing, shaving, getting cat-called, bra shopping...

    • Those are some great suggestions thank you! I'm sure a shaving scene would be perfect and the idea bra shopping I wouldn't even know where to begin with that... I'm sure if I was in their shoes I would just be mortified to be wandering around women's lingerie. And also trying not to get turned on! How would even know what size to look for?

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    • I will loan you a pair of boxers! ;) I don't see why more women aren't envious of men for the easy lite we can have...

    • hahaha yeah I guess