Would you date a girl with hypermobile joints?


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  • That's probably a dream for a lot of guys.

    • That a girl has a higher chance of joint pain?

    • Nope that is not going to bother a guy.

    • Everyone has their own set of challenges and issues. I'm not trying to dismiss your possible joint pain, but really in the scheme of things it's not going to be an issue for guys.

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  • Sure. Imagine all the possibilities 😂

    • I like the way you think

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    • I am flexible. . But not THAT flexible lol

    • xD I am sure its still flexible enough. Its perfect for someone like me who has the flexibility of an oak tree.

  • what exactly would deter a guy from that?

    • Its freaky and the posibility for a didlocated shoulder or something is higher than normal.. in addition to joint pains ofc..

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    • that´s nothing. if i´m interested in a girl, that wouldn´t even be the slightest problem.

    • Okay dokey

  • If those joints include her spine, pelvis and hips, hell yes.

    • So if it didn't you wouldn't date her?

    • Lol I was making a joke. Nobody minds if you have hypermobile joints it's not a bad or good thing it's just like "ok great you can bend your joints farther than normal."

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