Worst behavior you've had in school?

What's the worst thing you did in school like cut, messing with people. name them.

Today me and my 2 friends where late to class so instead of going to the tardy hall we had a little fun
we knocked on doors and ran, explored parts of the school we've never seen, walked pass classes and and talk to people through the window it was just fun you know?

But one thing that stood out... we tried to sneak in the gym but there were kids already in there who wouldn't let us in.. they didn't see our faces so my friend dared me to brake the gym window and we'd all run...

i said no but they called me p..., baby, etc so i said fine i went up to the door i took my foot and i kicked the door so hard it almost opened 1 friend ran one way me and my other friend ran down the stairs

there was a security guard right there when we got downstairs and he said "hey! what did you just do come here now!!" we said shit and ran up the stairs we barely got away from him when we were running this was the best day of school ever lol i never thought i'd say this but i kind of like school lol...

and running from the police is fun omg...


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  • I was a naughty girl back then, me and my best friend jumped out the class window, got upstairs and ate biscuits #___#. We got caught though! Well, never mind cz it's all in the game :p

    • I'm completing my studies next year! I dun wanna go to university cz I'm just studying for my parent's sake as I've promised them once ¤_¤ after getting a good results I'm gonna do as I wish... ☆☆☆☆

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  • that sounds amazing, i've a boring school life, my whole school life is on boarding schools and i'm always the transfer student and ends always bullied, who's gloomy and hate people because they scare me

    • When you are the type to get bullied you have to make friends asap and do things you dont want to

      like me im not the bad type at all i wasn't going to do anything bad but go to tardy hall but my friends wanted me to have fun and since i was passing the class anyways i thought why not

      so i did somethings they wanted me to do thats how we became friends

    • that sounds good, for me it's hard to have friends the only friend i made is my boyfriend, i've some phobias (haphephobia and SAD) that I couldn't cure even with a professional help, but my boyfriend is doing his best to help, but still thank you

  • i ditch school many times and never showed up for lunch D

    • how do you ditch? you just walk out?

    • yeah and I skipped... I am a true loner werewolf hahah I skip school so many time they wanted to expel me. I barely pass high school and now I am drop 5 classes and I am in college.

    • I still skip... I just can't take man... school is so boring!

  • Skipped school.

    • how do you skip? just leave?

    • Don't do it. Huge regret.

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  • in 8th grade, i had a lazer pointer pen and every time this fat teacher who was a total bitch turned around during lunch, i pointed it at her ass crack. never got caught.

  • Nothing really... the girls and female teachers always gave me trouble (oppressed me) though... along with the trained white-knights