Situation in the Middle-East?

Now we have seen Russia actively bombing rebels in Syria. What will the outcome be in Syria?

What I have observed in the recent years is that the USA, Saudi-Arabia, Qatar and Turkey try to overthrow president Assad. Who is ofcourse allied with Russia, Iran and Lebanon.

This looks like a classic coldwar proxy war between former Soviet Union (Russia) and the USA.

But I have got a feeling that this war is the begining of something much bigger.

The Lybian government got totally destroyed by the USA and allies.

Yemen is now in conflict because Iran tries to set up a pro-Iran government. But Saudi-Arabia and allies including the USA try to stop this.

There is fighting in Ukraine (USA and Europe vs Russia)

I believe the Middle-East will get totally destroyed in the comming years. Is it weird to believe this?


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  • What we are going to see is yet another total failure of Obama administration foreign policy. Russia went in when they caught wind Obama was about to impose a no fly zone and now can't with Russian planes in the air. Assad and Russia will wipe out al Nusra, Islamia State, and US aligned rebel strongholds. The Obama administration will continue saying Russia will fair, but like all their predictions for the region will be proven wrong.

    Assad stays in power and US relevance in the region continues to decline. This kicks off another series of conflicts seemingly unrelated, but are connected in that they are fights against the post ww2 US order seeing that the US is unwilling to back up neither it's commitments nor rhetoric. China takes notice and moves against Japan, the Philippines, and Vietnam.


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  • and you know what the really sad thing is? Main Cause: RELIGION.

    • No, not actually. Main cause is dominion over middle-eastern oil. Religion is just a tool.

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    • Oil is the many struggle.

    • Main*

  • Perhaps not totally destroyed, but definitely totally conquered by the West.

    • But a country like Lybia is in total chaos. The west has no control over it.

  • Watch out for Turkey, they have elections 1 week later, even a civil war might occur there between Kurds, Secular Turks and Islamist Turks.

    • I think Turkey is last too fall.

      Iran will only fall with invasion.