"Things will get better" is a myth and there should be legal suicide?

At this point I'm just tired of this world. It's so infuriating when the average person that never ever truly suffered for years got a nerve to say "Things will get better". Most people don't know what it's like to suffer years of extreme depression. For some no pills help, talking doesn't help, therapist doesn't help and you start to go mad over the years.

For other people suffering they may have been born with body deformities. Maybe they can't mentally handle their sad reality. Each person is different and just because one person can handle the stress doesn't mean every depression victim can.

Now what about rape victims that can't handle their reality no matter what help they get? Should they be about to have legal death.

Over the years I've grown so fucking sick of this fake delusional world. " Try your best and you'll succeed", But the truth is only the select few succeed. "Never give up hope", In reality hope is a delusion that blinds you from the cold truth that you are a failure.

We humans are delusional. We love the fantasy of hope. We love believing everything gets better if you try really hard. The horrible truth is that NOT EVERYTHING GETS BETTER. Some people are forced to live because we humans are fucking sick in the head. We are fucking delusional creatures that shame people for wanting to free themselves of never paining suffering. Even worse is that it's always the average joe that never suffered a day in his life that tries to Mr. preacher.

See some of us know there is no god, no afterlife, no hope or any other magic. When you are trapped in a fucked up reality sometimes suicide is the answer. Legal suicide can end suffering and stop the madness.

Take the blue pill you kee suffering. You'll stay on this planet surrounding by delusional ignorant humans. Your suffering will never fucking end.

Take the black pill you die. Free of suffering and the bullshit we call humanity. Eternal peace returning to nothingness.

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  • I somewhat agree with you on this. I've been depressed about 12 years and nothing seems to help and had it been a choice I probly would have died long ago and no things haven't ever gotten better they seem worst in fact. I have no one in my family I can trust, I've pushed all my friends away, I've been raped in which I'm still terrified he's after me still and am afraid to go outside in the dark and won't answer the door unless I'm expecting someone, I've had a miscarriage, i cut over the years and everything else. The only thing that makes staying worth it is my boyfriend, he's been there for me and helps and supports me any way he can and I love him for that. It's sorta crazy him and I are almost exactly alike and do so many things the same way and our personalities are very much alike, I'd never think I'd find someone so close to me as him. Pretty soon I will be moving in with him and will only have to deal with the family I choose to deal with like my grandparents who are sweet and stay away from the drama, my mom aunt and everyone else can forget I even exist because they won't be part of my life ever again.


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  • From a personal standpoint, my biological father wanted a kid, mother did not I was brought in by someone who's a complete asshole apparently, by all accounts. I was adopted and my PARENTS never properly parented me and spoiled me to death growing up until they completely fucked up and gambled money away then became alcoholics. Me not being prepared for how bleak this stupid world is and ONLY being into fantasy and sci-fi. If things ever got worse as I'm currently in a slightly better position thankfully physically for some of my family who aren't so fucked up (though unthankfully in my depressive state) Mentally for my friends who unfortunately live in other states. If corporations and/or the government (face it they are in bed together) end up taking away certain things I will easily say fuck it and die off as till then I'm only content AND NEVER happy again (unless of course a blue box pops up)


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  • the fact that ur using the internet is enough to make me believe not all the problems in the world belong to you.

    i have no idea what ur suffering from, but you're obviously almost trying to take ur mind to a point of no return. sure, everyone handles it differently, but why do u think that is? have u ever stopped to wonder what would give a rape victim hope? what would give a disabled person hope? what's all this religion stuff about? how come people can make something from nothing and i can't? ever wondered?

    something keeps them going, and they've figured out what it is. u just haven't done that yet, and u need to figure it out. who gives a damn how long it takes? just give yourself something to live for dammit. chin up mate, get up and keep moving.


What Guys Said 6

  • What is this question besides a rant about the human race? :PP

    • The question is: should there be a simple legal way for killing oneself

  • Geez cry me a river. However bad your life is it is easy street compared to your hunter gatherer ancestors facing possible genocide when a neighboring tribe wanders into their territory.

    If you seek sorrow in your life, as you obviously do, then that is what you'll find. If you're going to cry like one might as well take the pussy way out too or grow up.

    • @Asker I mean seriously, you're so selfish you don't care how your suicide will affect your family. You need life to be so easy that killing yourself by jumping off a bridge or getting a knife from the kitchen is simply too much effort or you would have done it already. You need a pill so that even death is easy for you. It's just fucking pathetic. No wonder you drove all your friends away. Stop trying to be coddled.

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    • No, it's people like you who would push them into suicide because you're being super aggressive about it. You may feel like you're proving a point, but you really aren't I am/have been and can easily be considered clinically depressed. I don't think you understand it, you probably never were depressed, maybe unhappy, sad, stressed out and anxious ridden. But not everyone has your mentality and frankly, tough love only works on laziness, not actual depression. This person, at the very least seems to be clinically depressed, not lazy. psychcentral.com/.../ Also if you agree with Donald Trumps pal on people with autism/depression congrats, there's going to be a massive spike of suicides, mine included.

    • @morphgeek I was depressed for years. It wasn't people trying to baby me that got me out of it. That is what was keeping me there. It was facing the fact that I was depressed because I felt comfort being in that state, that I wanted to be there and I wanted other people to feel sorry for me. It wasn't the rest of society, it wasn't the bad breakup that had originally started me on that path, it was all me. I was the one keeping me there, and I had to get myself out of it. People trying to coddle me were just giving me what I wanted, and were keeping me depressed.

  • Humans were designed like any other lifeform in the sense that lifeforms' primary purpose is survival and reproduction. The black pill kills you.

    Technically, if someone truly wants to commit suicide, they typically end up doing it in some way or another.

  • give me the black pill. i hate living on this planet with homosexuals and interracial couples. it's disgusting.

  • I think people can rise above bad things, but first they have to let themselves. It took make a while to figure that out. There is no point in spouting useless anger. Someone will always have it worse than you, but sadness is still sadness all the same. Nobody can put a label on what is worse and what is not. I think we'd be even more frustrated if the people who haven't suffered a great deal just completely ignored and didn't even try. I, myself, will keep trying to look for a way, but you can do you.

  • There should be legal suicide for painful illnesses which can't be cured.

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