Girls, is this accurate and really well thought out?

ok so after all the i can't get a girlfriend posts there's things i understand about myself better and most likely they will prevent me from ever getting a girl. im very insecure i have horrible anxiety and ocd. i have a bad past of a lot of verbal abuse that still haunts me. its made me bitter and a hateful person and its kinda distorted my views on certain people and relationships. no girl would realistically date me and i completely understand i wish the need for a relationship didn't always show up in my head im damaged i have mental health issues i would never put a girl through that. i wish there was a drug that could wipe your mind and make you forget about girls and the need for a relationship when you are as damaged as i am


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  • There is. Its called confidence and the overdose is called arrogance.

    Accept whats happened and move on and try to find happiness most importantly try to love yourself.

    You seem sweet so Ill be routing for you! Good luck :) <3

    • i dont know why girls always say i seem nice

    • Because it's true. You overcame your trials and battles and you are still trying.

      I admire your perseverance

      by the way, next time if your out and a cute lady says you seem nice try talking to her some more and see where it leads.

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