Who's the next 007?

Daniel Craigs days are numbered, especially since he said he's done with it. These are the 26 possibilites of who would be the next one. Who do you want, or think would be a good one?

Idris elba (would be first ever "black" james bond
Henry cavil
Tom hardy
Michael fassbender
Richard Armitage
Jamie Dornan
Benedict Cumberbatch
Tom Hiddleston
Matthew Goode
James McAvoy
Sam Worthington
Aidan Turner
Jason Statham
David Oyelowo (would be first ever "black" james bond
Oscar Isaac
Luke Evans
Richard madden
Dan Stevens
Kit Harrington
Charlie Cox
Jack Huston
Andrew Garfield
Toby Kebbell
Charlie Hunnam
Aaron Taylor-Johnson
Scott Adkins

I myself would go with Charlie Hunnam. I'm straight, but, even I can admit he's well, handsome


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  • Idris Elba, I would love to see him portray James Bond.

    Tom Hardy would be a good second choice.

    Kit doesn't have the acting chops in my opinion.

    Michael Fassbender would also be a good option.

    Those 3 would do the character justice.


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  • Idris Elba should run away with it. Smooth, good looking British dude that can still come off as intimidating. I don't know, he just looks the part and I thought he was great as Stringer Bell on The Wire.


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  • wow i do not know more then 60 % of those names.

    Can I volunteer for a main role, or at least a lead baddie?

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