Why won't people just tell me I'm ugly?

Seriously, why? I'm not even going to hurt myself, I'm just going to drag a knife or lighter into my face and cut/burn it to fucking shreds. See, I figured it out, if I just scar myself enough, it won't be me that's ugly, it'll be my scars that are ugly. And. Even better, if I do it right, and leave some of my face alone, I'll have one half of my face being ugly and the other half a hundred times better by comparison so, I won't be ugly anymore. And, maybe I could even give myself a facial scar like Zuko's and just say I was in a fire?


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  • okay, you're having a serious issue, tastes and colors are choices we can't discuss them, for some ur ugly for some you're hot, so stop making, and being ugly or handsome never saved a someone's life, but good words from a willing heart and a warm personality can do that, don't be shallow and educate your brain, you don't have time to worry about being handsome or ugly, life is too short! and do u think being burnt and having a scare will solve the story? this is just too immature! deal with it even MISS universe was called ugly and still called ugly then don't worry about it!


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  • Because they don't care and they are busy thinking about how ugly they are too.