Why do Jobs need your highschool GPA?

In applying for a job and they're asking for my gpa, the problem is that it's not my best and I don't know if they're asking for cumulative or just now. I can't even find help for this, my gpa will more then likely be my reason for rejection if it's that important D:


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  • They ask because it is an indicator of your work ethic. Once you get beyond applying for unskilled jobs they won't be asking for your GPA. I don't mean anything bad about "unskilled", I'm just referring to the difference between a job you're applying for now and jobs that require specific degrees, certifications, or work experience in the field.

    Unless they specify, I would list whatever GPA makes you look better. Have the other GPA on hand during the interview if they bring it up and ask for it specifically. Understand that a resume or job application is just to get you an interview. Fill it out in a manner with that goal. The interview is where you seal the deal.

    • I already used my cumulative which is a 2.75. (my quarter gpas are higher though) if I ever get to the inter view stage, I'll tell them about my depression and missing out on school/struggling.

    • @Asker No, don't bring up depression or struggling. That will kill your interview. You want to present yourself as a winning go getter, not someone struggling with depression.

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  • I think its importance depends on the job. If it's an entry level position at a store or restaurant or something, I don't think it's a big deal. If they need people working there, theyll call you in for an interview and judge you on that.

    If you have past job experience, that will also play a much bigger role in determining whether they'd consider you or not. You don't need it, but it would make your GPA less important.

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