Am I no longer an introvert or?

It really perplexes me, because I for sure cannot remain in a social arrangement (parties, seminars, group discussion) for long because it feels like my energy is being drained. Yet I can talk or at least hold a conversation with some friends of mine for long and also have an urge to talk to my friends if I think I haven't communicated enough with them.


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  • Introverted people still like social interaction, they just like it in a different way than extroverted people do. An introverted person will still crave social interaction with a small group or one other person, but will ultimately be drained by it and need to spend time alone afterwards. An extroverted person is energized by being around people and drained by spending time alone.

    • Exactly!!!

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    • I am in the same boat sister :)

    • Asker, no, they want the excitement of being around other people. I imagine that extroverts also have days where they just want to be by themselves, but that they are much more rare than for an introvert.

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  • Introversion is not a binary thing. There are degrees of it. You hit the nail on the head, introversion is about where you draw your energy. Small close interactions are less draining and you feel rewarded by interacting with people you know and like. Larger more complex settings drain your energy. You are introverted.


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  • For introverts it is much harder to communicate with people they are not familiar than people they already know. You are still an introvert (not a bad thing at all, in my opinion).

    • Ohh I see. I only have the desire to talk with close friends of mine.
      Why don't extroverts feel any inhibition to talk to unfamiliar people?

    • Because human contact is a need for extroverts or they would feel emotionally unstable or sad.

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