Why do I keep on thinking of her?

Hello. 4-5 years ago i was checking my cousin's facebook profile and then i checked the profiles of 3 of his friends. And this girl was one of them. There is nothing special about her that is keeping her in my mind. I dont even know her. And i still think of her occassionally. I have no idea if she is ever gonna get out of my mind but i really hope she does so. She is attractive , of my age and she is from my country. But that is normal. I keep on seeing girls like her daily. But this... I dont even know what to call this situation. Oh and she is living millions of miles away.



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  • You like her

    • But i dont know her. And i keep on seeing girls like her daily.

    • You can like a person based on looks even if you haven't met them and it's normal to see people that resemble the person you like.

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