Is it true that you can tell when you're pregnant?

A lot of people stated on one of my recent posts that there was no way I could get pregnant if I had sex a week after ending my last period. So here is my next question...
Last month I started my period on the 23rd and it ended on the 29th. This whole month I've been cramping up. Had bleeding 4 days after my last sex and thought I started my period again but didn't. My boobs are extremely sore. My stomach looks bloated. I feel nauseous frequently and have developed a major indigestion problem within this last month. My heart burn is killing me. My bowel movements are not normal. I am either constipated or have the shits. Never in between. My back has been slowly starting to hurt. I've had a white discharge (nothing major) over the entire length of this month. And did I say my boobs hurt, BAD! I haven't told anyone these symptoms yet I've had many questions about whether or not I could be pregnant. I know I'm only a day late on my period but I don't know..

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  • You say you're a day late on your period? If you're having all those symptms, it's probably coming. I experience all of these symptoms just before my period starts... sore breasts, indigestion, back pain, cramps... pretty much everything you said.

    It might be a little late because you've been stressing yourself about pregnancy. Give it a few days more before you get seriously worried :)

    • I've never had those symptoms before my period but I'm hoping you're right!

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  • Most people don't know they are pregnant until they are 5 to 7 weeks.

    • With my first child I found out I was pregnant at 4 weeks.

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