I think I dated a sociopath, what are the signs?

He was older and extremely bright, genius level iq and Ivy League educated. He served in the military too. Extremely handsome and strong.

He could take charge of any situation. Read people like a book.

He swept me off my feet so fast. I barely knew I was being played. He was so attentive and charming but not to the point of it being fake.

In two weeks we were seeing each other constantly. My friends were concerned about the speed.

He faked sick, told me he has chest pains but he had zero signs or symptoms and he was so calm.

He could turn his feelings on and off like a switch. He would punish me for not wanting to give him oral sex before I took a shower, I told him I would after but he refused to touch me even when I was naked.

When he wanted to get sexual he would be loving and kissing and cuddling me. Then it stopped like ice.

he had a temper and would yell about things a lot. He seemed to get too angry.

He took me into a jewelry store and looked at engagement rings and necklaces and then told me he can't buy me anything.

he posted us together all over his Facebook and then said we have to take down his posts because it's too public even though he is the one who made them!!

he would make a lot of "jokes" at my expense that sounded mean and blaming.

He made me feel like a whore. A lot of subtle put downs.


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  • They're actors. They react emotionally the way they think is appropriate for a situation. They have no empathy and think they're free to do whatever they want. People are objects to be toyed with then discarded when the other starts to learn their ways. Sometimes they'll let their guard down and snicker or chuckle when it is inappropriate but it'll only be for a second. There's a book called The Sociopath Next Door that's full of info to identify and arm yourself with. One thing all of them share is the ability to charm


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