Hey people what do you think of this situation?

there's this pretty social website i go on that brings people from all over the world to ask and answer questions. I noticed there's this guy on there who is always going on peoples threads and likes to tag many female menbers always TRYING to flirt and honestly most times it's not reciprocated and its pretty sad. It is equivelent as watching a guy with no game trying to flirt with all the "taken girls" and sometimes they'll flirt back because it's seen as harmless or because he won't stop and its just the easiest thing to do because he just won't go away... yea... its like watching a trainwreck. should someone tell this guy to just stop because its pretty sad and frankly annoying. and im almost 100% im not the only person who thinks this. so what do you think, should he be stopped or left alone?

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  • Boundaries dude. Ought to remind him of where they are, no?

    • thats what i was thinking

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  • meh who cares.