So alone and bored ?

So i have friends, i study i go uni,, need to find a job thats one thing. But im always alone. I mean even when im with friends i feel alone. Its just everythinf is the same. Same people
Same conversations just said differently. My life is so boring. I mean hobbies gteat idea but need money and rely i think i need to leave this hoise im always indoors. Alll i do is puzzles movies music bla bla bla. I dont want to wake up from my dreams. I sound so sad. Im just bored. No im not being big headed but im not unsocial nor ugly, have great conversations. But im not goong to walk out or go somwere on my own -_- im a bit paro. And how will i go out alone and do what? I need help? What can do i with my life other than finding a job cause im already on that


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  • Find something you enjoy doing alone and do it. For me its backpacking and canoeing

    • Well acting? But how will i do that. Theatres only take proffesionals

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    • Go for it. Another hobby of mine is cooking

    • Cookings ok. But :D i live with my dad and siblings so we share chores cooking won't be so fun for me :D but maybe deserts

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  • Does your uni offer clubs and weekly events? Those are gateways to new and enjoyable things.

    • Dont think so. They have a psychology society which im part of. Amd i study. They meet up. on weekend nights and al they do is go pub -_- unis farr from home i dont stay there plus not my kind of thing.

    • Ah so you're a commuter? If that's the case you could stick to things closer to home. Back when I commuted I would just work and go to school, the only things I did outside of that cycle was see my boyfriend and ocassionally go out with some work friends. What kind of things are you interested in?

    • Omg exacltt what im doing. Well anything active. I like to sing but veryyy bad voice. Im good at archery but dont do anything in particular just at fairs and when i went isle of white with my parents when i was younger. I noticed i was good. Acting is my passion but i dont know how to do that theattes only take proffesionals :l proffesionls with "real expreience"

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  • Talk at places (like here) or chat sites or whatever where you can be anonymous and thus be yourself. Then, if things are working out, you can open up and cease being anonymous.

    • Well im only here cause i have a boring life -_- otherwise i wouldn't be here would i?

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    • I dont know what i mean by "new" . But it needs changes. I mean nothing satisfies me. Everything just seems pointless. Im feel like a spoilt child whos never happy or greatful for what she gets. Alone timeee thats a bit hard in this house -_- only at midnight. Think thaats why im awake. I got told by another person that i should write. But what if people laugh. And they would -_-

    • write for yourself. i am wanting to do that but also write for women...

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