I am really bored. Anyone have anything interesting to share / talk about?

Any serious topics we can talk about? Something interesting to share? Some not so well known fact?

Only thing I don't want is politics.


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    • I would be scared that that guys is having a medical emergency.

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    • It's funny that at the beginning of the video the guy acted so macho. He told his girlfriend that this ride is nothing and she's making it like a big deal. Then, once they're launched in the air he loses his shyt.

    • Yea haha... well us guys like to be macho obviously... its our ego and pride and we like to show off in front of woman... even if they thinkg its stupid haha. But yes... it is funny how he looses it. In general i think woman react to horror and crazy rides better... they just let it flow out. Guys always keep their cool but loose composure in those situations.

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  • I heard a couple having rough sex at the hotel I work at 😐 Found a condom by the pool 😟 I also found a penny 😀


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  • um hows the weather? Im game to chat as long its not religion or poltics unless your into debates which i doubt it

    • It is night here. Weather I believe is going to go to shit... thanks to global warming. But right now its cool temperatures. Summer it was no rain and hot days like it has been for a couple years.

      How is your weather?

      What kind of debates are you talking about? Presidential debates?

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    • hunh most exoctic meat horse dog cat but those aren't exoctic does whale count? thats more of a fish in my mind.. people eat shark more then they know some people eat turtle... I've heard of a ton of things I just perfer plain old turkey meat. sorry for never getting back to you you seem cool had to sleep sometime

    • No worries. That was my guess at the time... and TBH I had drifted off as well lol.

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