Am I going to get another ticket?

I just paid my speeding ticket and just now I turned left as soon as it turned yellow and halfway through the turn it turned red and the other cars started coming onwards me so I put the pedal to the metal to complete it

i didn't see a flash, and I also didn't see a camera but I'm freaking out because I'm going to get it if I get another one in the mail


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  • No camera? I doubt it.

    Funny thing is I live in a very big city in the US. When a light turns yellow the on coming car will probably go through & 2 more cars finish their turn. It's almost standard practice. 99% of the time there's no arrow & no cameras. Even cops usually won't write a ticket because otherwise you'd be waiting a 1/2 hour to turn if only 1 car made it through the light.

    • oh thank god, appreciate the info man.

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