Are You DARE To Touch The DRAGON'S TAIL Like This?

Are You DARE To Touch The DRAGON'S TAIL Like This?

If you are brave enough, Let's come to Komodo Island, at Komodo National Park, East Nusa Tenggara Province, Indonesia. THE REAL LIFE JURASSIC PARK On Earth :) Home of the Largest Lizard On The World, Komodo Dragon :D

  • Sorry, I'm Phobia With Lizard :P
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  • Emm... I Don't want to Touch it. But... I Wanna enjoy The Beautiful Sceneries of The Komodo Islands :)
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  • Of Course I Wanna Do it and Take a Selfie with Komodo Dragon. It's Pleasure & Challenging!!! :D
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  • Very Challenging! I Wanna Do It and Take Some Selfies with Komodo Dragon then Explore The Komodo National Park Like Lost in The Jurassic Park! XD XD
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@Georgia_Georgiou : Are You Brave Enough? :D :D XD


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  • I want to go see them, but I am not stupid enough to go up and grab them by the tail


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  • Basically you're asking who is stupid enough to risk pissing off a very dangerous lizard.

    I'm not that stupid. I'm not afraid, I'd just prefer to not die thankyou very much.


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  • Godzilla vs. Komodo dragon

  • Bro are you like hired by the Indonesian tourism department to promote Indonesia?

    • No. I'm just a student boy and I'm Just with My Self and i Don't Wish to get some money from doing this...