Guys, would it be weird if a girl threw a party for you if you werent even dating?

I had not realized what i did and how awkward this could've been.

I've liked this guy for a while now. It started as a small crush at work. no big deal, just a distraction. we would play fight at work all the time. we always make eachother laugh. he's always teasing me, and i do the same to him, but in the past month, he started getting closer physically.

Im 23 and he just turned 21 and my best friend and i who also works with us wanted to do something special for him. everything we tried went wrong. especially for me. but we decided to throw him a party. only 2 people from work came and a few of his friends. so we made the best of it. it was supposed to be just us and all the people who invited themselves bailed.

My friend kept dropping hints about how it was mostly my idea to do this. She was also picking on me saying that when people are mean to someone it means they like them. i blush easily but i know i was pink the whole night. i was nervous. i didn't think he was paying attention to me but i caught him looking at me a lot, and he kept laughing at all i did, he would watch me smile. i felt awkward. at the end of the night, my friend said she is sorry it didn't turn out the way we expected. He said it was awesome and he said it was great because he got to see me drunk. (i was actually behaving compared to how i normally am drunk. im just more blunt). we all hugged and when we hugged for the first time ever, he rested his chin on my hair and said thank you. since he doesn't have my number he texted my friend to thank her again and to let me know we are amazing.

i hadn't thought about all this but we went out of our way for him big time. even that day was horrible for me. i looked horrible. i didn't have time to do my hair or makeup. i did the best i could.

now im wondering if i did too much, or if this will help me win him over. or maybe friends do this for friends? i dont do this for anyone but I don't know if he knows that. is it weird that i did that?


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  • The problem now is seems like he doesn't like you as much as you've liked him. And you're developing a ''fantasy'' thinking that someday he will like you back.
    Think of the reality, does he put in effort to get your number personally? Does he asking you out? NO. It's better to not put yourself in this situation. It sucks

    • yeah you're right. you're so right. i know he's a shy guy.
      i didn't have time to be alone with him that night. but yeah.

      i mean, yeah he has never asked for my number. he hasn't actually asked for anyone else's number though. He thinks i dont know but girls talk. And there is a girl who works there and something happened with his best friend where he got mad. his best friend came in randomly to ask for her number for him and the guy didn't know until she told him about it. it sounds confusing but i guess it seems like he liked or may still like her. I don't know. she was at the party but he didn't seem to pay that much attention to her. but i was still bothered that she came.

      at work, he is always bothering me without me doing anything. and at the party he kept telling his friends girfriend she should be more like me. but i may just be too optimistic. you're right.

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  • It would make me think she may have some feelings towards me if I had feelings towards her already.

    • damn. i mean i guess i kind of wanted him to know but im scared of knowing what he thinks of me. i mean it may or may not be good. but i guess its about time i end this doubt and i let the cat out of the box. if he knows then whatever. at least i will know if im wasting my time or not.

      but does it seem like i tried to hard? my friend was the one who did most of the talking to him to invite him and such. we talked about it a bit at work after that. he seemed pretty excited about it. she hadn't mentioned it was my idea until the day of the party.

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