Girlfriend broke up with my friend because he got totally dominated by a stronger man (video link). Girls, would you also lose all respect for him?

Would you lose respect for your boyfriend if he got dominated like that? Is his girlfriend shallow or do you understand her reaction?


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  • This doesn't look like a fight at all and like they are just acting to be honest.

    She is shallow for breaking up with him. Not every guy knows how to fight. Honestly the guy being dominant pissed me off so much I wish someone would rip his head off. I would seriously take a bat after that and hit the dude that was bullying the other one as hard as I could to his balls till he throws up. Just not cool man not cool.

    • Why are you mad at him if you think they're just acting? Do you really think it's staged/fake?

    • If it's not stage fake then yes if I was in that girls situation. I would be furious with the other guy and make him pay. Even if I have to pay a stronger guy to hold him down while beating the crap out of him.

  • This turned me on honestly