Can you answer my question about Windows movie maker?

Hey guys!

I am working on a project with windows movie maker. I want to add a track I have on cd but when I click on 'import media', I can't seem to find the track. How can you add a cd track to windows movie maker?



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  • Windows movie maker sucks. You can't add the track because its format is not compatible with windows movie maker.
    I'm a film editor and have professional software which I can handle with ease. If you need help message me and I will do this for you in a few minutes.


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  • i think you can drag the music file you want with your mouse


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  • What helps is finding a program that's not horrible. I used to try to add an MP3 to a video and then the program crashed. They no longer bundle it with Windows either because it was just that bad.

    People usually use "Sony Vegas" for video editing.

    If you want to get songs off an Audio CD, you have to "rip" it with a program that is able to do that, for example with Nero Burning ROM, you can "Save Tracks" and preserve them in MP3 (320kbps should be selected) or some other better format.

    • Assuming she has Windows and it is on a computer rather than a phone, she already has Windows Media Player, which will rip CDs and allow you to save, copy, manipulate, etc. It is far easier then Nero and since it is already in Windows, it is free (Which Nero is not)

    • Thanks guys @Mesonfielfe and @Red_Arrow

  • You need to rip the track from the CD first

    • How do you do that? Sorry I'm afraid I'm not very good with technical stuff

    • Using windows media player, when you insert a CD you'll ahve the option to rip the disc. It will rip it to you "Music" library on your computer. One ripped you can then add the track into your film

      Also FYI Windows Movie Maker isn't a great application but for beginner stuff it's fine

    • Okay thanks very much!

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