I have a crazy bastard stalker !! ?

wht do i do? he broke into my emails, facebook etc.. and creep as fuck !! i am so upset :'( i have taken necessary steps but i am so upset i want him dead !! not sure if i am secure... waiting for the police bust him good !! he beats women if they dont want his ugly presence !! sick mother fucker !!

he needs to be dead.. rapist !! bastard


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  • You clearly need better passwords.

    • my pc was hacked.. i am trying to overcome abuse, mental and emotional and everyday there is some new shit in my accounts.. i can't deactivate coz the police has to catch this fucker !! i change my passwords everyday..

    • i am fighting coz he is a manipulative son of a bitch..

  • If you've contacted the police, then I think you've done all you can do. Maybe also contact the FBI.


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