Will this be a good trip?

So last I went on a trip out of my country was in 2010 to New york, Florida and Bahamas. It was the best trip and I am waiting to go out of my country for a trip, I couldnt because of school and college and I still can't. But in like mid of 2017, I will be done with studies for all my life. So If I will be travelling solo then I will go to melbourne like for a month and even my childhood friend stays there so I can hang around sometimes with her and all and my other option is that if my other friend is coming with me then we both will go to california for liike 1-2 months.

But which one do you think is better? I love shopping and I love going to all these amusement/theme parks (especially roller coasters) and I my fav food is pizza.


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  • i can't assure you this, but i believe it will be fun. especially after a long time! i say you do it and take a breath and relax