Should I keep trying or not?

I have been trying to be in relationship with this girl for almost a year , we hangout for a couple of times , we snapchat almost all day for the first few month , our snap are more Flirty day by day , but after the first month we start Snapchating , I try to be step it up to be a couple , but she reject me , I quickly save it by "forget it , just be fd" kind of words , we continue to be close fd afterward.
3 month passed , we get even more flirty , I think this time is actually okay to tell her my feelings to her again. the result is still not what I want , I asked her can we at leas become friend , she answered me by " sure " .
Another 2 month pass , we aren't as close as before , but we still have deep talking and care about each other. There's one time before I sleep she kinda make me tell her that I still like her. This time she said her will think about it.. But I know usually with this answer , it mean no , and it's. This time i insist to stop talk to her and move on.
I tried for 6 month , we talk again , but now she doesn't seems to care about me as before , can see it from her text , we text less than 10 times a day , and she kinda get mad and feel guilty for putting me into this situation. She force me to tell her If I still not over her yet. She knew it's yes but she change subject after I answered. I asked her if she still want to talk to me or not , she said okay.
So now we pretend nothing happened AGAIN.
I don't know she really mean or think , I feel I am being anoyyoing but somehow she's okay for these. for the pass year I feel so hard because of her.
Is it stupid for loving someone that just meet irl for few times?
I don't know if I should keep try to escape the friendzone for the 5th?6th? Times for forget her already..
any suggestion?
Sorry for so long and the language , English isn't my mother tongue


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