Choose a favorite cat?

All of these are my neighbor's outside cats (Whom we named and took care of, many of them have found homes with truckers at the trucking company next door!)

1.) Rabbit, named for his wittle stub tail. He was a brat, always running straight for the food dish when we got there. But a sweet heart none the less. R. I. P.
Choose a favorite cat?

2.) Stan, the spoiled little baby boy of the group.

3.) Rocky, She was such a shy little sweet heart!

4.) Bane, originally named CatMan for his dark colors, but later changed to Bane, because he was an asshole. He was the lone wolf, erm, cat leader who avoided almost all other cats.

5.) Slate, Bane's only sibling. She and Bane stuck close together in avoiding the others, always playing together. Bane lives with the truckers now, but he comes to visit, and Slate goes wild. It's adorable.

6.) Mange, the attention hog/model of the group. She used to try so hard to get Bane's attention. Pretty funny actually.

(There will be a link to more in the updates by tomorrow)


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  • I say Stan and Mange but I have a biased opinion lol

  • Bane. Because he looks like an adorable asshole~

    • You are 100% correct. He used to avoid us when he stayed with us, but he's with the trucker now. We walked by and he came out and ran to us, and he let us hold him and everything, I was so happy!

  • Can I have Stan 😻? And I think it's nice of you to take care of them. You are amazing.

    • Stan has been claimed by my cousin, and he's currently missing. We saw him in a bush a little ways away, but he was afraid and ran off. We're working on getting his fluffy little butt back home

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    • Omg, hope you find him!

    • @Homicidal_Queen oh okay, I see!