My sister get guys saying that she cute all the time, what am I doing wrong?

I have never had a boyfriend and I really want one I have tried to get guys to like me but it never happens (I rarely ever do this) but my sister without even trying get guys wanting to dating her and saying that she's cute without doing anything I dint know what's wrong with me she seems to get everything that she wants while I'm in the side lines kinda in her shadow I hate this and it makes me really sad I dint know what to do?


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  • All you have to do is be kind and loving to others, not worry about your sister, and over time I guarantee guys will be calling you cute too someday


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  • Oh man, this is a tough one. You are a young lady, you'll have guys falling for you in the coming years and also why don't you ask your sister for help. She could definetly give you some tips.


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  • She probably gives more flirtatious eye contact with these guys, and knows how to flirt with body language.

    She also probably smiles more often, too. Looking approachable is more important than looking attractive.

    • She dosnt even go out of the house... And she never flirts, she barely talks to people

    • Then she probably has learned the art of making herself look as attractive as possible with hair, makeup, clothing/accessories, and body language.

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