Always getting hit on?

I always get hit on by younger guys in my school. I've been told that I look really young. Im 5'1 and im petite. People think im a freshman or at most a sophmore but im a senior. Usually it's freshman, sophomores, and juniors who hit on me. Senior guys just stare at me but dont do anything. The most a senior guy has done is harass me and call me cute when they are with their friends but they dont approach me. Something else happened, a senior pointed me out to his friend and his friend looked at me Nd said "dont you think she's too young for you." I know some guys are into girls like me but I just can't find one,..

Should I just give the younger guys a chance?


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  • Give it a chance, don't worry about it:)
    a lot of time guys will be into petite girls they just are perhaps afraid of you. Do you think it is maybe something else? a lack of interaction perhaps?

    • Well i have anxiety so I dont really make eye contact. At times, I do when I feel comfortable

    • Then work on it, who wants to talk to someone if they are always avoiding a conversation

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