What's more important?

These things are all consider to be very important to most people. However they often contradict each other in certain situations. To you which is the most important.

  • Honesty
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  • Compassion
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  • Efficiency
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  • Success
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  • Safety
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  • Freedom
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  • Happiness
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Important in life as a whole not only in relationships or in your partner.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Honesty always wins because without it in any relationship be it family friends or a partner you doubt and question everything. Even to the point you wonder if the happiness you feel is real with them because they are not trustworthy. You then tend to not let your guard down irrespective of the situation and you no longer wish to connect to them like you could if they were honest. Yes honesty can hurt but you can deal with it. For example a partner going to the pub instead of meeting you. You might not like it but you respect it. If they lie to you saying they want to sleep but you just feel something isn't right then you find out they went out, every time they change plans you doubt their agenda. You wonder what else they lie about. Compassion is my favourite quality in someone after that. :)


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What Girls Said 3

  • Just be honest! I won't bite!

  • Sucess bc when you're a successful person you can get those other things :)

  • Safety, Compassion and Freedom are the most important - these feelings lead to Happiness.


What Guys Said 2

  • That's a good question and tough to choose one among these, I have more than one, of course I have the most important one and then the others.

  • If you have happiness all those other things don't matter.

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