Do you swim in public swimming pools?

i personally dont. its so disgusting with the amount people that piss in the pool, people sweating, bogies and god knows what else floating in the water.

  • Eww, public pools are gross.
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  • I dont care, i love swimming.
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  • No i haven't for years and i don't regret it.


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  • I honestly like swimming, but I heard about this recently

    The red eyes when swimming, it's not because of the chlorine... It's because of.. yea, you know..

    • I get red eyes from swimming in my private pool. Even when im the first one in the pool that year. So...

    • Animal's Hahahahhaa

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  • With the amount of chemicals in modern pools, what should really worry people is what is happening to their skin.

    • very true. i actually saw a story recently about the chemical reactions that take place between the amonia in urine and the chlorine in the water. nasty stuff.

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