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Ill try to keep it short. Im just a loser in everything. I failed every task I've started. I failed law school than i entered architecture now i failed it too im 20 yo and have no expectancy from life, i feel completely exhausted. I have no friends, i have social fobia, not even touched a girls hand, failed in school bla bla. In my country u r nothing if u r just a highschool graduate u can't even clean toilets. I've lost all hope for my future i stay all day at home, drink and smoke and thinking about my pathetic life. Im just a big pile of crap living with his parents money. I want to suicide but im the only child of my family, literally im the only offspring of my entire family and relatives everyone expects something from me but i failed. Im such a loser, fat, lonely and pathetic loser. But the worst thing is im ok with this i dont want to struggle anymore i just give up and drink and smoke till end of my days


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  • You are 20 years old you are sooo young !! Go back to school !! And try to give it all you can I think you're in so much pressure that it feels impossible but seriously you have so much ahead of you don't give up !! At least you have a home and a family who cares about your future take advantage of that not many have that privilege I know you can do it !! All the time you spend in your education is worth it you just need patience.


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  • First of all you have to recognize you are being self-pitying at this moment, you need to change your attitude towards your situation and try find something that interest you, it may starts as a hobby (if you already have a hobby it will be a nice start to practice it), you have to start to think in a positive way and get out of your head that "i can't" bullshit, i know people who have failed in more than 3 different careers and are still in the fight. Try finding something of your interest, maybe you are just not made for Laws or Architecture, but there are thousand of college profesions out there, however, it will not be easy and it will demand a lot of sacrifice, and if you fail again get up and keep trying, every successful person in this planet has failed over and over again until finally reaching their goals.

    Just keep in mind never is to late to start something. Good luck and sorry for the bad English.


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