How truthful is this video?

This seems like it could be the most honest commercial if it was actually a real one. :D

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  • I've heard that ISPs in the US can be quite shitty and that you often have no alternative ones... so I guess that might be true.

    but luckily we have good internet here, there's competition and and the 3-4x where we needed support it was very helpful and quick. so at least for me personally I can't agree with that video. but I know that other people aren't that lucky.

    • yep like with my situation my aunt lives like about a 5 minutes or less walk. So driving it takes less than 1 minute. Though she lives on a different street. She's able to get this high speed internet. Yet even though we live so close together I can't get it because that company doesn't have it running on the road I live on. -_-

    • This is my current situation. 200-250 cable bill recently, because they no longer provide unlimited internet...

    • @Ferretman21 ouch that sounds bad... for that price I could have three 200/100Mbps or almost two 1000/500 Mbps connections where I live, of course unlimited. only the slowest connection which is 8 Mbps is still available with monthly volume, but that's 500GB which I think should be enough for most people and that speed.

  • If it were allowed to be aired, it is so true.

    The only thing I love about Charter is their internet speeds. It actually works wonders until my brother gets on his Xbox.

  • Ha, sounds about right.


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