How can I reach the same levels of "charm"?

When I'm sober I tend to be quite nervous and reserved. Netherless I am still rather talkative, as long as I'm comfortable.

However, when I'm tipsy or slightly drunk, a whole new personality comes out. I'm extremely charming (I've had guys AND girls tell me this)... like almost Casanova like (I'm not joking).

I will go up to almost any girl and hold them in a conversation and, if I find them attractive, I'll make out with them and take them home.

How can I take this "drunk character" into the "sober world"?


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  • Don't really think it's possible. I know the same feelings and can relate spiritually and physically lol.

    Honestly just keep a water bottle in hand and it fill it with smirnoff, or any clear alcohol of your choice. Drink throughout the day

    • Which in turn will make me an alcoholic... great.

    • everything comes at a price