I am afraid that I am unable to love?

Ever since I was young my mother told me to never be one of those stupid girls who get there hearts broken because they messed with a bad guy, or who falls in love with an abusive man, or gets into a toxic relationship and doesn't leave because she loves him too much. I guess somewhere deep down inside of me I've developed an intense aversion to love. When I see couples doing PDA it's annoying, I've rejected every guy who has ever asked me out, I don't really care about marriage, and I guess I've never romantically loved another person. I feel like some type of robot because I rather stick to logic than trust emotions. When I even talk to a guy that I like I shut down emotionally. I try not to look him in the eye, in fact I stare straight at the floor, I say as little as possible, and I walk away as soon as possible. I want to be loved, but I don't know how to love in return. I guess that's my deepest fear. That I'll love somebody the wrong way. That I can't love properly. How do I fix this?


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  • Love is dumb. Love is stupid. Love is a mistake. But also Love is joy. Love is inspiring. Most of all Love is enlightening. I've loved women that weren't worth the time and effort but I always learned from them.

    It can be scary but you have to get out of your routine. Look a guy in the eyes and say what comes to mind. Love grows with us as we go, so stick around a guy you like. Even if there's limited talking. If he really likes you, he will take the time to draw you out.


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