I need a confidence boost?

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i had a dance competition yesterday. I got second to last out of 23 dancers. My confidence really went down. I just got into the championship level and pretty much everyone gets a really low placement when they start out. So I really wasn't expecting first place or even to place at all (Placing is actually winning a trophy, for 23 dancers 8 of them got trophies.) But I was at least looking for improvement. This is only my 3rd champion competition and I got second to last place the last times too. I was looking for my placement to go up a little bit or winning a medal in one of my dances. But I keep walking out of competitions empty handed.
the thing that really bothers me is that I keep getting points off for arms and posture. I'm an Irish dancer. Arms and posture is like the most important thing to the dance and it's one of the first things you learn. I can't even do that right :/
I have another competition in two weeks and I'm also competing in regional championships next month. I feel I have no chance placing in either. I really need some kind of a confidence boost


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  • You're 14. You didn't finish last. What did you learn from this competition? What did you others doing that may help you improve?
    Some ballplayers were drafted way down at the bottom. Some of them matured & became great stars.
    Look at it as a learning experience.


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  • No one is good at anything when they start out.
    You JUST got into the championships (good job by the way), you aren't going to be getting a high placing right after you got to a new level.

    If your posters off work on your poster, if your arms are off work on your arms. Even masters need to practice the basics.

    You got 2nd to last? 2ND to last, be happy that on your FIRST time in the championships you did not get last.
    No you didn't place... But who dose on there first couple gose?

    Keep working at it and you will see results. If you get upset and stressed about placing you won't do as well.
    Focus on being the best you can be, not on placing.
    I did dance for a little while (not the same kind as you thogh).
    And what my teacher always told me is; If you smile and act confident, you will look 10 times better then you would looking nervous. But if you do ever mess up... Smile wider.

    If you aim to be the best you can be, are confident, and practice hard. I can nearly guarantee you will see results.

    Hope I helped, and good luck


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  • Dancing is like learning a language, you can learn enough so that you can get by, and you can learn enough to be quite proficient, but it's the subtleties that people often lack.

    Judges are picky, so ya need to find out exactly what they do and don't want to see, and practice that until you do it flawlessly.

    Beyond that is a bit of luck, it's often a sudo crap shoot when people judge others, ya have to dedicate your life to it for that.

    If it's important to ya, you'll do well.


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  • I'm not dancer, but I know these kinds of things are just apart of life and you'll experience this in areas other than dancing. I remember a teacher once told us: "you've got to go through nine no's before you get you're one yes." He was talking about determination. In life you're biggest competition is yourself, no one else. Look at the judge's feedback as an opportunity to come back even bigger and better. Don't let this get you down, don't discourage yourself. Focus on being better than you were last time, and don't stop there. Keep improving, set personal goals for your own development. You'd feel much more satisfaction that way.

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