Girls, if you could choose, would you go for twins?

I would like to have twins... :)

Another question:
Do you have a twin brother/sister? Was it good to grow with one?

I think it's very positive for their development to have as equal while growing.


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  • My dad has a twin brother, his grandparent and grand-grandparent also had.
    It seems like it's an hereditary thing in my family, so I might have them too (*^^*)
    Scary and exciting at the same time.

    My dad and his twin don't speak to each other for more than 20 years though...
    Very different personalities too... it seems that even all the childhood memories didn't do much for them =(

    • Hmm , yeh might be complicated to some brothers sometimes.

      But i think you could help them to get closer again, that could be great : )
      Like a surprice. I bet they would cry and hug c': and start catching with each other.
      What do you think?

      Yeah, you could have them, you lucky girl xD

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    • Killing two birds with one stone? XDD

    • Thank you for MH!
      Wish you luck, haha.

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  • Omg yes! ❤ I would absolutely love to have twins. I've always wanted to have twins. That would be so awesome. Doubt I'll get so lucky though. 😔

    • Maybe it's possible with some medical help. Dunno if they do that with sexual healthy people.

  • Oh geez, twins? 😮 Double the trouble I guess haha I'm not quite sure. I would like to have one for now and think about having another down the road. No I'm not a twin, but it sounds like fun to have a twin sister or a twin brother.

    • But its good if you just want to have 2 kids, you ccan make that happen with only one pregnancy, and way quick :p

    • ahaha true that! after that getting the tubes tied off LOL
      too much work I assume.. Like WAY too much work haha

  • Uhhh no... Getting one child at once is tiresome, but getting two is like having a kindergarten. Heard this from parents of twins.

  • I am not a twin, but I do have the same birthday as my brother.

    • Whoaa that's rare ! :DD

    • Yeah, I can't seem to find a name for it though, siblings born within a year of each other are called Irish Twins, but there doesn't seem to be a term for siblings who share a birthday.

  • I'm a twin so yeah i guess.

  • No way.
    It sounds great to have twins but I don't think I will survive the delivery then.

    Also , raising twins (especially if tjw family is not there) will be a bit harder.



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